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Access and Inlet Castings

CP&P supplies a diverse line of manhole and inlet frames, covers, grates, hatches, and miscellaneous hardware. Castings for many jurisdictions are kept in stock enabling complete structure shipments. Custom castings or hatches meeting required specifications can be supplied or cast into precast components. Trash racks, anti-vortex devices, and orifice plates for storm water management structures can be provided to suit contract requirements.

Median Barriers

Median barriers are made in conformance to SCDOT, VDOT, MB-7D pin and loop style and produced in 10’ and 20’ lengths.


CP&P partners with Premier Modular Railroad Crossings, Inc. to produce precast concrete rail crossings. For more information, contact: Wayne Weszka Cell: (443) 326-9961 Office: (910) 880-3748 wwpremier@atmc.net www.premierxing.com