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CP&P prides itself on its ability to meet each customers’ specific job requirements with its vast array of reinforced concrete pipe products.

Box Culvert

An adequate inventory of forms allows CP&P to provide box culvert in single or monolithic multiple cell sections. In most cases, precast headwall and wing-wall systems are supplied with the box culvert reducing the labor costs associated with field forming and placing of concrete. Each run of box culvert is engineered to meet site specific fill and loading conditions. Detailed drawings of culvert layout are provided for each culvert system to facilitate installation of precast and related cast-in-place components. Special sections required for the culvert system are stenciled with a unique part number which corresponds to the layout details. Culvert sections are typically manufactured according to AASHTO, state departments of transportation, and ASTM C1577 standards.

Elliptical Pipe

CP&P manufactures sizes 14” x 23” through 58” x 91”, meeting ASTM C507, in classes HERCP III and HERCP IV. Special designs are available for deep fill or other high loading conditions. This style of pipe is used where fill height restrictions exist and is typically available in tongue and groove joint only. (Single Offset joint is available in some regions.)

Flared End Sections

CP&P manufactures flared end sections (ES-1) for all of the various sizes and joints of pipe produced.

Pipe Fittings

CP&P manufactures Tees, Wyes, Bends, and Reducers in various shapes and sizes. For specific information about reinforced concrete pipe sizes and/or specifications, please contact your sales representative.

Round Pipe

CP&P manufactures RCP in sizes 12” through 96” in classes III, IV, and V, meeting ASTM C76. Special designs are available for deep fill or other high loading conditions. CP&P offers several joint types including single offset, o-ring and tongue and groove to handle the wide variety of storm sewer needs. Various joint designs include:

1. Single Offset (C-443 Joint)

Exceeds most DOT requirements for standard storm sewer applications in which a soil/silt tight joint is required as well as providing the Leak-Resistant joint required by many coastal communities.

2. O-Ring (C-443 Joint)

Used for those applications where a confined O-Ring is preferred over a Single Offset Joint.

3. Tongue and Groove

Used for standard storm sewer applications and utilizes a butyl or mastic joint sealant meeting the requirements of ASTM C990. This joint is not available in all regions.