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Storm Drainage

CP&P manufactures and supplies an extensive line of storm drainage products meeting requirements of numerous governing jurisdictions. (e.g., Virginia Department of Transportation, Maryland Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, District of Columbia Department of Public Works, North Carolina Department of Transportation, South Carolina Department of Transportation, and Georgia Department of Transportation).

Access and Inlet Castings

CP&P supplies a diverse line of manhole and inlet frames, covers, grates, hatches, and miscellaneous hardware. Castings for many jurisdictions are kept in stock enabling complete structure shipments. Custom castings or hatches meeting required specifications can be supplied or cast into precast components. Trash racks, anti-vortex devices, and orifice plates for storm water management structures can be provided to suit contract requirements.

Box Culvert

An adequate inventory of forms allows CP&P to provide box culvert in single or monolithic multiple cell sections. In most cases, precast headwall and wing-wall systems are supplied with the box culvert reducing the labor costs associated with field forming and placing of concrete. Each run of box culvert is engineered to meet site specific fill and loading conditions. Detailed drawings of culvert layout are provided for each culvert system to facilitate installation of precast and related cast-in-place components. Special sections required for the culvert system are stenciled with a unique part number which corresponds to the layout details. Culvert sections are typically manufactured according to AASHTO, state departments of transportation, and ASTM C1577 standards.


A broad range of standard sizes is manufactured for typical applications. Custom sizes or multiple chamber boxes are engineered to meet site or function specific applications. Boxes can be manufactured to serve as junction chambers or vaults for use in water, sanitary, or storm systems. Box components meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C-858 and ASTM C-913.

Drop Inlets

Precast concrete tops are cast integrally with access covers and/or drainage grates when required to suit various applications. CP&P produces and stocks an array of DOT Standard drop inlets.


Straight wall or multiple face wall systems are available. Openings can be provided for single or multiple pipes and opening sizes are engineered to accommodate skewed pipes when necessary. Custom openings can be provided (e.g., rectangular weir openings for storm water management applications).

Manhole Steps

The steps typically used in our precast products are steel reinforced copolymer polypropylene conforming to the following specifications:
  • ASTM C-478 (Manhole steps)
  • AASHTO M-199 (Manhole steps)
  • OSHA STD 1-1.9 (Manhole steps)
  • Federal Specification RR-F-621E (Non-sparking manhole steps)
  • ASTM D-4101 (Copolymer polypropylene)
  • ASTM A-615 Grade 60 (Steel reinforcement)


CP&P manufactures a wide variety of sizes – ranging from 48” to 144” inside diameter - to suit many applications and provide connections for various pipe sizes and configurations. Circular components, at a minimum, meet the requirements of ASTM C-478 and AASHTO M-199.


CP&P manufactures RCP in sizes 12” through 96” in classes III, IV, and V, meeting ASTM C76. Special designs are available for deep fill or other high loading conditions. CP&P offers several joint types including single offset, o-ring and tongue and groove to handle the wide variety of storm sewer needs. 

Pipe Fittings

CP&P manufactures Tees, Wyes, Bends, and Reducers in various shapes and sizes. For specific information about reinforced concrete pipe sizes and/or specifications, please contact your sales representative.

Pond Risers

Pond risers are sized as necessary and engineered for site specific conditions. Care is taken to meet required safety factor for anti-flotation. In most cases, trash racks, anti-vortex devices, and/or orifice plates can be supplied with the structure.

Trench Drains

Trench drains are engineered to suit each individual layout configuration. Varying lengths and depths can be provided for widths up to 24”.