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Greens South at Willowsford

The Greens South at Willowsford Central Pump Station project required three very large concrete structures. A 23 foot deep, 144 inch diameter Wet Well, was to be flanked by a 14 foot deep, 14 foot by 12 foot Grinder Vault at the inlet side and an 8 foot deep, 14 foot by 12 foot Valve Vault on the outlet side. CP&P utilized its multiple production facilities to produce these three large structures for W.G. Construction in order to meet the demanding project requirements.

The AGRU lined Wet Well was produced in CP&P’s Dunn, NC facility and shipped to the jobsite in multiple sections. CP&P’s Ashland facility produced the 14 foot by 12 foot (inside) AGRU lined Grinder Vault, while CP&P’s Salem facility produced the 14 foot by 12 foot (inside) Valve Vault. All sections required delivery as special over width loads. Coordination was handled by a customer service team that focuses on cooperation among each CP&P production facility to provide seamless interaction with the customer.