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AEP Super Vaults

As part of American Electric Power’s upgrade to their Roanoke Virginia location, three exceptionally large underground concrete vaults were required to house the transformers and equipment needed with the upgrade. Three 26 foot by 12 foot by 12 foot (inside) “Super Vaults” were produced and prepped in CP&P’s Salem facility and then installed by Carolina Conduit Systems’ team over one weekend.

Each Super Vault was fabricated in two halves, each section weighing approximately 50 tons. Special hauling was required from the Salem facility to the project site in Downtown Roanoke. The precast concrete sections were the largest pieces ever produced by the Salem facility, and are the largest vaults installed to date for AEP. The team at Carolina Conduit Systems installed the six sections without ever sending a person down into the massive hole, excavated the day before to receive the vaults.


Greens South at Willowsford

The Greens South at Willowsford Central Pump Station project required three very large concrete structures. A 23 foot deep, 144 inch diameter Wet Well, was to be flanked by a 14 foot deep, 14 foot by 12 foot Grinder Vault at the inlet side and an 8 foot deep, 14 foot by 12 foot Valve Vault on the outlet side. CP&P utilized its multiple production facilities to produce these three large structures for W.G. Construction in order to meet the demanding project requirements.

The AGRU lined Wet Well was produced in CP&P’s Dunn, NC facility and shipped to the jobsite in multiple sections. CP&P’s Ashland facility produced the 14 foot by 12 foot (inside) AGRU lined Grinder Vault, while CP&P’s Salem facility produced the 14 foot by 12 foot (inside) Valve Vault. All sections required delivery as special over width loads. Coordination was handled by a customer service team that focuses on cooperation among each CP&P production facility to provide seamless interaction with the customer.


Retreat at Harrisonburg, VA

Poised as brand new offsite student housing for James Madison University, The Retreat at Harrisonburg required the addition of a Water Boosting Station in order to maintain sufficient water pressure to each of the new housing units because of the various inclines and elevations throughout the development. While the team at Landmark Properties wrapped up the onsite construction, CP&P’s Clear Flow team in Harrisonburg fabricated the 12 foot by 14 foot precast building with the associated accessories and hardware, including a faux Red Brick Finish.

The Clear Flow team assembled the four precast walls on top of a poured in place concrete slab, leaving off the roof. This allowed the Aurora Duplex Booster Pumps to be lowered and installed through the open top. Once the pumps were installed, the precast roof was placed, final piping and wiring installed, and start up commenced to ensure pumps and controls were in proper working order.