10th Street Realignment Roanoke, VA

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Anytime a roadway project is proposed, the issue of increased storm water runoff must be handled with appropriate SWM best practices. Oftentimes, an urban realignment is extremely challenging because of existing property limits and the nuisances associated with SWM ponds and methods typically used for rural roadway construction.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) was faced with these challenges on their 10th Street Realignment project in Roanoke, VA. Instead of using typical dry ponds as SWM facilities, VDOT opted for buried SWM systems, originally designed as Cast-in-place box culverts with special junction boxes at each end to cap and control storm water during rain events.

CP&P proposed alternate STORM-PASS© systems, consisting of precast double cell monolithic box chambers with mating special precast end units, which included interior baffle and outlet control walls and access risers.

E.C. Pace Co., Inc. was awarded the project and used the precast STORM-PASS© systems. The “north system” (consisting of 23 truckloads) was completely delivered and installed in one day.