Ashland & Hanover Welcomes Virginia Delegate Betsy B. Carr

Published by Hank Gottschalk

On Thursday, November 4, Virginia Delegate Betsy B. Carr (69th House of Delegates district) joined several CP&P team members for a tour of both the Ashland Precast Facility, as well as the Hanover Pipe Facility.

Delegate Carr observed how the various precast components work together to provide long lasting buried infrastructure systems for our roadways and other critical locations. She spent considerable time learning about the manufacturing process, including Ashland’s automated Perfect Manhole Plant with modern Styrofoam cutters and monolithic invert forming process.

After the Ashland Precast tour, Delegate Carr made the quick trip to CP&P’s Hanover Pipe Plant, where she saw the automated reinforcing machines as well as automated pipe production running hard that morning. The tour was completed through the automated off bear station, drycast box culvert station and wrapped up with a three edge bearing test, where the superior strength of reinforced concrete pipe is tested and proven.

The team at CP&P wants to thank Delegate Betsy B. Carr for spending her morning with us to discuss our critical infrastructure needs in Virginia and for her efforts serving the State of Virginia.