Concrete Pipe Week 2021

Published by Hank Gottschalk

States across the country recognized the importance that Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Precast Concrete Structures play in each of our daily lives during Concrete Pipe Week 2021. The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) lead the initiative, along with local manufacturers (including CP&P) to promote and share the importance of our buried infrastructure and the role that concrete pipe has on our daily lives.

Concrete pipe is proven to serve for well over 100 years, and is the best choice for critical locations such as Interstates, evacuation routes, and other flood prone areas. CP&P is proud to provide this vital resource needed to serve each of our communities, and would like to thank each of the states within our footprint that formally recognized Concrete Pipe Week 2021 with their state proclamations.

“It is in the public interest for citizens to gain knowledge and understand the importance of the infrastructure benefits reinforced concrete pipe and precast concrete provide…”
– Maryland Governor Larry Hogan