Ed Eagle presented Robert Woodward Memorial Career Safety Award

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Ed Eagle, Director of HSE & HR at Concrete Pipe & Precast was presented Robert Woodward Memorial Career Safety Award on April 19 in Chantilly, Virginia at the Heavy Construction Contractors Association (HCCA) Safety Night. This award is presented annually to recognize the career success of an exemplary safety professional each year. The award recognizes the person who has made a significant impact on the safety of their workplace(s) by demonstrating excellent safety practices and knowledge in their field, by developing and updating Safety programs, by training and educating others, and having dedicated their career to Safety.

In recommending Ed for this award, the leadership of CP&P noted that “Ed Eagle is a tireless advocate of the safety and well-being of the 600+ employees of CP&P. As the director of Health, Safety & Environmental for the business, he is the lead in every aspect of our relentless work to make our work spaces as safe as they can be- to make our leadership and supervision as honed in on the big and little things that keep people out of harm’s way as they can be- and to train and motivate our individual employees that they make the biggest difference in how well we achieve our collective goal of Zero Harm to our People. He advocates for us being our Brother’s Keepers- so that no task happens without each of us considering the effect it has on those around us. Ed has worked in safety at some big companies (Kellogg Brown & Root, EI DuPont) and has brought that ton of knowledge to our corner of the world! Our plants are annually recognized for their safety records by the National Precast Concrete Association, the American Concrete Pipe Association, the HCCA and HRUHCA. As a US Marine veteran, he brings an attitude for safety to CP&P that is relentless and impassioned.”

We are all very proud of Ed for this well-deserved recognition by the 15 person Safety Committee of the HCCA, a nonprofit organization comprised of infrastructure contractors and related firms that work collectively to make a positive impact on the construction industry, the economy and the quality of life for the benefit of Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.