Jessup Celebrates Two Years without a Recordable Injury

Published by Hank Gottschalk

On Friday September 16th the Jessup plant closed up shop early and made good on a promise to celebrate the milestone achievement of two years without a recordable injury. The Jessup team celebrated at a nearby dine and play entertainment venue called “Main Event”. Accompanied by Senior Management and our sales team, we gathered for food and fun. The afternoon started off with some recognition of what it took to reach this accomplishment. It didn’t happen by accident, it was over 200,000 man hours safely worked, over 80 safety audits conducted and corrected, over 500 safety meetings and many safety improvements. We paused to recognize the work that went into getting here and then set our focus on our next goal of 3 years with no recordable injuries. After a delicious barbeque lunch we let loose and split up into multiple activities like bowling, shooting pool and even laser tag. We got to know each other a little better outside of the normal work environment. It was a great team building experience and a good time. The Jessup team would like to thank everyone that participated and sent congratulatory messages!