Lower Tuscarora Creek Wastewater Pumping - Leesburg, VA

Published by Hank Gottschalk

With the increased development planned on the east side of Leesburg, Virginia, a large sanitary sewer pumping station situated adjacent to Tuscarora Creek was required to handle the increased burden of wastewater expected with the proposed development.

Dewberry Consultants, LLC designed the pumping station for the Town of Leesburg. WG Construction Co of Manassas, Virginia excavated the massive hole for the system and filled it back in as they stacked the precast concrete units to reach finish grade.

The system consisted of a 12’x6’x6.5’ (Inside) Valve Vault, a 43.5’ deep x 96” diameter Wet Well, a 39.5’ deep x 144” diameter Storage Manhole/Comminutor Vault, and two additional 38.5’ deep x 144” diameter Storage Manholes. The Wet Well and Comminutor Vault included an AGRU liner system to protect the structures from any possible Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC). CP&P utilized multiple production facilities to produce and ship the various precast concrete sections to the jobsite.

AGRU is available for multiple applications and is physically cast into the concrete structure, then field welded to ensure a completely sealed protective liner system.