Lower Westvaco Road Improvements, Berkeley County, SC

Published by Hank Gottschalk

As part of the region’s plan to support the new Volvo automotive plant Ridgeville and prepare for other nearby industries, improvements are being made to the Lower Westvaco Road in Berkeley County, SC. As part of the road improvements, Landmark Construction installed a couple of precast concrete Box Culvert runs produced at CP&P’s Summerville facility.
As part of Thomas & Hutton’s original plan design, CP&P’s engineering team finalized the culvert designs into one 104 L.F. run of single 10×5 box culvert and a 109 L.F. run of Double Cell Monolithic 9×7 box culvert. Each run was designed for 2’-5’ of earth cover and had precast vertically sloped end treatments.
The Ridgeville, SC Volvo plant will be its first auto manufacturing plant in North America and is planned as the one and only factory to produce the Volvo S-60, still in design. Volvo anticipate the plant to be capable of making 100,000 cars per year and plans to ship cars manufactured in South Carolina across the globe. Positioning the new Volvo plant within 30 miles of Charleston’s port assists in worldwide delivery.