Murray Hill & Vollmerhausen Road Howard County, MD

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Due to the enlargement of an existing Storm Water Management pond for continued growth in the area at Murry Hill & Vollmerhausen Road in Howard County, MD the existing 16” diameter pipe under the roadway at was no longer large enough. Designers determined that the existing pipe diameter needed to be increase four times its size to handle the expected flow. It was decided to replace the existing 16” diameter pipe a new 48” pipe.

Because of the heavy volume of traffic on the roadway over the existing pipeline it made sense for the pipe to be jacked thru the embankment (a trenchless installation) instead of a traditional open cut installation that would disrupt traffic and cause potential delays for travelers.

The 48” diameter jacking pipe was produced by Concrete Pipe & Precast’s Jessup facility and was installed using the trenchless technology by Snyder Environmental Services based out of Kearneysville, WV.

CP&P manufactures concrete jacking pipe in a variety of sizes and strengths. Steel bell joint bands are common. Additional options may also be provided, such as embedded grouting ports and specific lifting devices, if required.