PERFECT Monolithic Manhole - Now Available

Published by Hank Gottschalk

The PERFECT Monolithic Manhole is now available from our Ashland Virginia facility.

“The computerized layout and formwork create a consistency unlike any other manhole channel.”
Computer aided design and layout captures the required data for each manhole.
Computer guided fabrication provides a precise formwork for pipe angles and invert channels.
Precision steel molds mate with each unique invert channel and pipe opening form.
Concrete is placed into each mold, creating a monolithic manhole base, channel & bench.

PERFECT the innovative monolithically cast manhole base
• Consistent pipe angles
• Consistent pipe slopes
• Consistent curves
• Consistent channels
• Consistent benches
• Less field work
• Reduced time of construction
• Less labor in a confining work space
• Safer construction
• Enhanced durability
• Lower maintenance
• Reduced risk of poor performance
• Reduced risk of failure
• Superior strength
• Superior hydraulics
• Increased value added

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the PERFECT system.