Platinum Safety Team

Published by Hank Gottschalk

In the 3rd quarter of 2022, CP&P added a new Audit process to our safety program, and thus the Platinum Safety Team was born. Our goal was, once a quarter, to visit a plant and identify some best practices and safety improvements. And I am happy to say we have met that goal.

The final Platinum Safety Team audit for 2022 was conducted at the end of November at the Ashland Precast Plant. The PST team, along with Adam and Stacy (Ashland Safety Committee Members) spent two very good days with all the Ashland employees – observing what they do, how they do it and making safety suggestions or improvements where needed. By attending the morning safety meetings, standing and observing complete work processes and interacting with all levels of production, we were able to identify some good safety “Best Practices” to share with all the other plants along with some safety Action Items that needed to be corrected.

We would like to thank Brad Strickler and all of the Ashland team for being open minded and honest with the Platinum Safety Team, allowing us to dig and make some good observations. It is never easy, but the Ashland Team has really pushed forward in completing noted safety suggestions and improvements. These positive actions will not only help create a safer work environment, but will help drive their plant Safety Committee further in the right direction.

More to come from the Platinum Safety Team in “23”.