Sanitary sewer products are available to many governing jurisdictions in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, including the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Various types of pipe connectors and joint gaskets can be provided to meet specifications outlined in contract documents.

Pump Stations, Wet Wells and Valve Vaults

Pump stations, wet wells and valve vaults are manufactured using circular or box components. A concrete protective liner or coatings can be supplied when required. Top slabs are engineered to suit required loading conditions and access hatches or openings are cast-in as required. Pre-packaged ClearFlow pump stations, wet wells, and valve vaults are also available.

Pipe-to-Manhole Connectors

Pipe-to-manhole connectors meet the requirements of ASTM C923. Flexible boots are typically used; although, compression type gaskets and mechanical seals are available to meet requirements of various jurisdictions and applications.

Manhole Joint Gaskets

Manhole joint gaskets meet requirements of ASTM C443. Our single step style manhole joint, when complimented by a rubber gasket designed specifically for use with this type of joint, provides ease of installation and proven protection against leakage. For rectangular manholes or vaults, a flexible butyl rubber gasket is available for sealing joints.

Invert Channels

CP&P uses a patented invert channel forming system to provide precast flow channels in sanitary manholes. Use of precast invert channels reduces the time and materials required to complete manhole installation.


Structures may be coated at our facilities to meet the requirements of various site conditions or job specifications.

Agru Sure Grip® Concrete Protective Liners

Agru Sure Grip® Concrete Protective Liners, whether high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene copolymer (PPR), provide excellent protection from bacterial and chemical attack. Unique characteristics distinguish it from other liners on the market.


CP&P manufactures a wide variety of sizes – ranging from 48” to 144” inside diameter – to suit many applications and provide connections for various pipe sizes and configurations. Circular components, at a minimum, meet the requirements of ASTM C478 and AASHTO M 199.

Manhole Steps

Steel reinforced copolymer polypropylene steps are typically used in our precast products conforming to the following specifications:
• ASTM C478 (Manhole steps)
• AASHTO M 199 (Manhole steps)
• OSHA STD 1-1.9 (Manhole steps)
• Federal Specification RR-F-621E (Non-sparking manhole steps)

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