Rick Sarvay Retires after 45 Years Service

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Rick Sarvay was hired at Concrete Pipe & Products (CP&P) October 10, 1977 to work at the Southside plant on Terminal Ave. Rick was good at math, knew what a T-Square was and had a basic knowledge of drafting when he started. He perfected his skills coached by his mentor, Charlie Miller, and practical on- the- job training. Rick was known company wide as the ‘pipe fittings and manhole tee’ guy. He created the templates that were used to mark the pipe or precast pieces so they were cut correctly to create and form the fittings. He referred to one particular 72” x 84” x 72” wye as a “very challenging piece” to design and for the plant to fabricate – there was only The One! Rick had a hand in the design of many structures from Chesapeake to Northern Virginia and many of our most complicated structures found their way to his desk. He said he was very lucky to bookend his career with CP&P and these last years have been the best! Congratulations on retirement Rick!! We will miss you!