Ruth B. Swann Memorial Park Stream Restoration - Charles County, MD

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Environmental Quality Resources recently installed a triple cell run of 4’ span x 4’6” rise precast reinforced box culvert to replace a failing corrugated metal culvert as part of their Ruth B. Swann Memorial Park Stream Restoration project in Charles County, MD. The triple cell precast box culvert sections were produced in CP&P’s Martinsburg Facility and included precast end sections, parapets, grade beams, bull noses, and precast wing walls that will ultimately set on an elevation 44 inches below the final natural stream invert elevation.

Environmental Quality Resources, LLC (Millersville, MD) was founded in 1991 as an environmental construction and landscaping company, specializing in stream restoration and reforestation. They have performed over 150 miles of stream restoration, often in sensitive watersheds and habitats. Their construction services include freshwater and tidal wetland creation and mitigation, shoreline and dune restoration, low impact development, and storm water management facilities.

The team at Environmental Quality Resources contacted CP&P prior to receiving the box culvert sections for installation guidance and recommendations. They were able to utilize CP&P’s prerecorded Box Culvert Installation Best Practices Instructional Video to assist and answer basic questions regarding how to plan and execute a successful precast box culvert installation. Choosing a precast concrete box culvert to replace the failing flexible pipe culvert will provide the local residents a safe and reliable culvert crossing for many years down the road.