TOMP Public Services Department Operations Center

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Construction is underway at the Public Services Department Operations Center for the Town of Mount Pleasant, SC, which includes modern facilities to accommodate a larger fleet maintenance building, yard debris transfer facility and office space for town employees. The first of six underground detention systems was recently installed by Celek & Celek Construction Inc. (132 pieces of Retain-it modules) in “One and a half days.”

CP&P began discussion with the design team at Davis and Floyd in November of 2020, and the Retain-it underground detention system was an ideal fit for the project. CP&P and Retain-it staff worked with the design team and final submittals were approved for construction in January of 2022.

Design parameters (total system):
• Designed to attenuate total storm water volume of 89,102 CUFT
• 6 independent structures interconnected with pipes for equalization
• Engineer elected to divide system up and place under parking areas to avoid structures and traffic islands per TOMP requirements
• TOMP prefers concrete pipe and structures, they liked the fact that the Retain-it is designed for H-20 loading with a minimum of 12” cover. Heavy trucks carrying waste and debris will use the facility
• Variable rise available in Retain-it structures allowed engineer to design with 3’ or 4’ interior rise units in order to fit the required volumes into available spaces.
• Each system sealed water tight with a PVC liner to contain only storm water that falls on site and prevent ground water from entering

Trident Construction (General Contractor for the project) Superintendent stated that Retain-it would be their preferred system moving forward.