20x8 Segmental Box Culvert - IFB 157785 Route 610 - Augusta County, VA

Published by Hank Gottschalk

The Salem Precast plant produced 36 Linear Feet of 20’ x 8’ precast segmental box culvert for the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Staunton District. The “clam shell” segmental box culvert was installed In Augusta County Va. on June 14 &15 by the Verona Bridge Crew, Staunton District VDOT.

Six of the precast segments were delivered to the project on the first day. With the help of Valley Group crane services, a 9-person crew unloaded and placed the six sections of box culvert in the stream bed in about two and a half hours. On the second day, six more segments were delivered, unloaded, and placed in position in only 2 hours.
Total time to unload and set all 12 segments was about 4 1/2 hours.

Although this was the first time installing a segmental box culvert for the Verona Bridge Crew, they did a great job installing the segments as they went together very quickly. The Salem Team also did a great job fabricating the segments and labeling each piece, so the Bridge Crew knew exactly how to install them.

A special “thank you” goes out to Brown’s Trucking, as they provided excellent communication with the plant and the Verona Bridge Crew about the delivery to the job site.