Dunn QC Manager Change

Published by Hank Gottschalk

There is a change in leadership in the Quality Control department at the Dunn precast plant! On July 1st, Anthony Jackson assumed responsibility for the QC program in the North Carolina plant! Terry Rowland, who has been the QC Manager for many years, is moving into a new role that will have her working on various process improvement projects at the plant, including time studies, yard organization and crew efficiencies. She will also work with the new CP&P Continuous Improvement team.

Anthony will lead the team of QC Technicians in the daily/ weekly/ monthly tasks that we do to maintain compliance with the various agencies and entities with whom we do business. Anthony is an NPCA Master Precaster and is a graduate of the Leadership NPCA program, as well as all the required NCDOT certifications.

We look forward to the smooth transition in the leadership of the Dunn quality control program!