Isle of Palms Phase 3 Drainage Project - Charleston County, SC

Published by Hank Gottschalk

As part of the Isle of Palms Phase 3 Drainage Project in Charleston County, SC, Thomas & Hutton designed a storm drain system at the intersection of 30th Ave and Waterway Blvd. The system included several drainage inlets and manholes, a run of triple 48” Diameter Concrete Pipe that connected to a run of 87 Linear Feet of 8’ x 4’ box culvert.

Connecting the triple 48” RCP with the 8×4 box culvert required using a 23’x8’ (inside dimension) Precast Junction Box produced in the Summerville Precast plant. The massive Junction Box was produced in 3 sections to keep each section weight under 20 tons. There was an additional 13’x7’ Precast Junction Box required (also produced in Summerville) as well the precast 8×4 box culvert.

Quality Enterprises, USA Inc. purchased the RCP, Box Culvert, and Precast Junction boxes from CP&P.

Quality Enterprises is a leading construction firm that focuses on major civil, building, and specialized construction. Headquartered in Naples Florida, Quality Enterprises also has offices in Texas, Virginia, and South Carolina.