Junction Industrial Park Pond Retrofit Project - Howard County, MD

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Howard County Maryland – Department of Public Works, Bureau of Environmental Services improved a stormwater management pond adjacent to 10000 Junction Drive in Savage by removing the existing 30-inch spillway bituminous coated corrugated metal pipe and replaced it with a large concrete riser and two 84-inch principal spillway reinforced concrete pipes. The pond will ultimately be regraded and the embankment raised and reconstructed to meet current Maryland Dam Safety standards.

CP&P’s Martinsburg plant provided 144 Linear Feet of 84” diameter RCP (meeting ASTM C361 requirements) for Triangle Contracting, LLC, as well as the additional storm drain manholes and endwall needed for the project.

Triangle Contracting was established in 2012 and is based out of Frederick Maryland. Their goal as an excavating, storm water management, stream restoration and utility contractor is to provide clients with best management practices, quality of work, and cost effectiveness.

The project is partially funded through Howard County’s Watershed Protection and Restoration Fund.