Landstown Yard Spoils Management Facility Virginia Beach, VA

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Tidal Construction, Inc. recently installed 356 Linear Feet of 6’ x 3’ precast box culvert for the City of Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities. The precast box culvert sections were designed for 0-2’ fill and included Corrosion Resistant Reinforcing (CRR) steel as per VDOT specifications. Each of the 59 sections weighed just under 6 tons and used closed cell neoprene joint seals.

The project also consisted of 3 each precast concrete junction boxes with ancillary drainage inlets that not only tied the box culvert together, but also tied to an existing concrete drainage pipe.

Tidal Construction is located out of Portsmouth, Virginia and primarily operates in the Pipeline Construction industry within the Heavy Construction Contractor sector. Tidal Construction has been operating for approximately 20 years.