Newport News Transportation Center

Published by Hank Gottschalk

CP&P recently partnered with Basic Construction (Phase 1) and Allan Myers (Phase 2 & 3) to supply concrete pipe & precast structures for the City of Newport News’ Transportation Center Project.

This project will create a regional multimodal transportation hub for enhanced passenger rail service in Newport News and will be a component of a developing multimodal system throughout the Hampton Roads region in Southeast Virginia.

Although not part of the original game plan, a 580 L.F. run of existing HDPE (plastic) pipeline was determined to be failing once installation of the new RCP & drainage structures began. Basic Construction was issued a change order to remove the failing plastic pipe and replace it with new 36” Diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP.)

It is fortunate that the failing plastic pipe was discovered during construction so that it could be superseded with resilient, long lasting concrete pipe before a destructive failure could occur.