72" Precast Inverts - Black's Run Interceptor

  • Plant: Ashland
  • Owner: Harrisonburg, VA
  • Contractor: Garney Const.
  • Category: Precast

Garney Construction needed precast inverts included with 72″ Diameter Manholes for the Black’s Run Interceptor project. CP&P did not own standard formwork needed, and purchasing standard invert forms would create a lead time that was unacceptable for the project schedule.


CP&P’s Ashland facility fabricated custom, single use molds to produce precast inverts in 72″ Diameter manholes for Garney.

Precast Inverts allow contractors to decrease construction time in the field by providing “Pre-Benched” shaping that directs flow through the manholes. Not only is construction in the field simplified, the plant fabricated consistency ultimately serves as a long term benefit to the owner.

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