Triple 8’ x 8’ Box Culvert VDOT D06 (0081-M02-001) Washington County, VA

Published by Hank Gottschalk

CP&P’s Salem Facility recently supplied 290 Linear Feet of triple 8’ x 8’ precast box culvert to Philips Construction for installation on the VDOT D06 (0081-M02-001) project in Washington County, VA.

This run of box culvert was unique in that it combined the use of a single cell 8×8 precast box culvert with a double cell monolithic 8×8 precast box culvert, and included a 50 degree turn using precast beveled box culvert sections.

Not only did the run include using a single cell, next to a double cell monolithic, it also included a precast head and wingwall system at the upper end, and the use of corrosion resistant reinforcing steel in the lower 71.5 linear feet of box culvert in order to meet VDOT’S 0-2’ fill requirement specifications.

Philips Construction chose to set all of the single cell run first, so that they could divert the stream water through it while setting the double cell monolithic along side.

Because the single cell beveled sections and the double cell beveled sections used to achieve the 50 degree turn were to be set separately, CP&P’s Salem Facility dry-fit all of the curved sections on their yard to verify that all of the sections would workout as planned in the field.

Complicated projects may be tackled by combining various precast product configurations.

This project not only combined a single cell with a double cell monolithic box culvert, it also combined a precast end wall system, beveled sections to create the bend in direction, as well as using different steel designs from one end of the run to the other.

Phillips Construction, LLC is based out of Leesburg, VA and has been civil construction for over 50 years.