Wilkinson Boulevard Sinkhole Repair

Published by Hank Gottschalk

Just before the break for the holidays, on December 21st CP&P was contacted by grading and utility contractor J. L. Raper Corporation out of Statesville, NC.  They were just awarded an emergency sinkhole repair project located at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Bus Terminal Parking Lot on Wilkinson Boulevard just outside of downtown Charlotte, NC.  The sinkholes were caused by multiple flexible pipe failures due to aging and deteriorated Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) under the bus parking lot.  The Reinforced Concrete Pipe needed from CP&P to make the repair ranged in size from 18 inch Diameter through 60 inch Diameter Class III RCP.

The order was going to need to be “fast track” so that the pipe could begin shipping January 4th directly upon the return from the Holidays.  With J.L. Raper Corporation being a new customer, the required credit application was sent to and returned within one day… but due to the holidays and to Covid related delays, it took longer than normal to get any references back in time to start the project.  Because time was of the essence, the decision was made to issue a check directly to CP&P’s Oakboro facility for payment so that the deliver window needed for the repairs could be secured.

As requested, the CP&P Oakboro staff and plant personnel were extremely quick to respond.  With deliveries starting the first day back, Monday January 4th, all the pipe was delivered to the project within the next three days.
Unfortunately, installation of the new RCP on the project experienced a few setbacks due to existing utilities that where not shown on the original plans. None the less, CP&P’s Reinforced Concrete Pipe used to replace the failed flexible pipelines will ensure a long lasting solution to serve the Charlotte Mecklenburg area for many, many years.

A “Big Thank You” goes out to the CP&P Oakboro team for making all of this happen and we look forward to future collaboration with our new customer, J. L. Raper Corporation.